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Suggested reading

The following resources all have practical and ready to use tasks for use in input sessions with a range of teachers. 

The CELTA Course (2007) by Scott Thornbury and Peter Watkins (Cambridge)
Most of the units in this book have ready made tasks, activities and material which could be used in input sessions. The accompanying Trainer’s Manual has suggestions for using the material with trainee teachers. 

Etpedia Teacher Training: 500 ideas for teacher training in English language teaching (2020) by Beth Melia-Leigh and Nicholas Northall (Pavilion ELT) 
Section 2 of this book has a myriad of ideas for preparing and delivering a range of different input sessions in a variety of different contexts. There are also photocopiable resources which can either be used as they are or adapted to your contexts. 

The Lazy Teacher Trainer’s Handbook (2017) by Magnus Coney (2017) (the round.com)
The practical ideas in this book for input sessions are easy to use and adapt and would be suitable to use in a variety of contexts with both pre and in-service teachers. 

ELT Playbook Teacher Training (2019) by Sandy Millin (Sandy Millin Publishing)
The section ‘Workshops and input sessions’ could be used to help plan, deliver and reflect on input sessions. 

 A Practical Introduction to Teaching Training in ELT (2015) by John Hughes (Pavilion)
Chapter 2 focuses on preparing for input sessions and suggests lots of different techniques that can be used in training sessions. 

Teaching Practice (2005) by Roger Gower, Diane Phillips and Steve Walters (Macmillan)
This is another excellent resource packed with information for planning input sessions, observations and assignments. Despite being mainly aimed at teachers, this manual includes a lot of easily accessible ideas and advice for trainers working on pre-service courses.

Teacher Training Essentials (2010) by Craig Thaine (Cambridge)
This photocopiable resource book includes a variety of tasks and exercises for use in input sessions for use with completely new to quite experienced teachers. 


Suggested follow-up tasks

Here are links to a selection of recorded workshops you may like to watch:

Maximising DLP Peer Observation by Will Nash

Learner Autonomy by Lizzie Pinard

Peer assisted self-observation by Will Nash

Student Self-reflection by Pawel Matuszczyk

The following are useful networking websites and social media channels to exchange ideas:

Here you can find out about conferences and events mainly connected with CELTA.

Facebook – Log In or Sign Up
There are many online communities accessible via Facebook. Try searching for something you’re interested in and see what you can find. 

Teacher Training and Education Special Interest Group
This IATEFL special interest group is a great way to hear about local and online teacher training/education events. 

Teacher Educator (TEIS) – TESOL International Association
This is an ‘Interest Section’ run by TESOL.org where you can engage and collaborate with other teacher educators.