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Group task: researching your VLE

What’s happening in this topic?

Time to complete: approximately 60-90 mins

This topic…complete this with a short description (1 sentence) of what’s happening on the page. 

What’s the big task this week?

Ok, so in place of any classroom practice this week we’ve got a project for you to do with other course members. A few reasons for doing it at this stage:

  1. You might need a bit of time to catch up with the work in the first two modules, we know the start of term is always hectic anyhow, but trying to do an online course at the same time….well, it can pile up, we understand that.
  2. The topic of this module, VLEs, is not something that immediately lends itself to practical classroom tasks. Rather, it’s a digital tool that tends to sit behind what we do in class. For that reason a reflective task getting you to think about how and why you use a VLE makes more sense.
  3. The little project we’ve set up does give you some extra practice in using some of the webtools we’ve introduced (such as Padlet) so it’s a useful bit of reinforcement.
  4. It gives you a chance to get to know other course members in a little more depth and share experiences. That’s always a good thing…
  5. …oh, and maybe gives you a chance to reflect on working in groups online and the benefits and challenges that brings.

What are we going to do exactly?

Well, you need to work together with your group to come up with 5-7 concrete tasks/ideas for exploiting and using a VLE more effectively. Here are the requirements though:

  • The ideas need to be more than a couple of words or phrases. So, rather than: ‘use it to store vocabulary’, we want something like: ‘create a wiki page in the VLE where the vocabulary from the week’s lessons are stored. Two students from the class are responsible for adding the new vocabulary every week and the role rotates every week.’
  • Your ideas need to be presented using a web tool that can be publicly shared via a link. So, for example, you can put it onto a Padlet board. Alternatively, if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you might want to put it onto a Shared Google Presentation or Google Doc. The Padlet guide is still there too if you’ve forgotten anything.
  • Once you’ve created your masterpiece, you’ll need to share the link in the forum topic at the bottom of this page. 

Ok, sounds good; so who am I working with and how do we communicate?

Good question. We’ve set up private groups of around 4-6 course participants with your own private forum. To access it, follow these steps:

Go to the course homepage and from the Profile menu, click on Groups

Find the group called Group A (or B, C, D etc)  Learning Technologies in EAP and click on it. Click on the members tab to see who’s in your group. 

We’ve set up a private forum for you to communicate with each other, so you can use this to brainstorm ideas by starting a topic. Just click on the Forum tab to access it. 

**Please remember that this group forum is only visible to people in the group, your final link to your presentation has to be added to the topic at the bottom of this page.**

Got that. And when does this all need to be done by?

Well, this unit is only one week, but we appreciate that getting in touch with busy working people might take a bit longer. If you can get it done by Wednesday 11th November, that would be perfect. The next unit will have started by then, but that’s ok – a lot of the modules will overlap with each other somewhat because of possible delays between course input and classroom practice.

If you are having any problems managing the group task.  just contact the team on eltc.tel@sheffield.ac.uk and we’ll do our best to help. Good luck.

Forum to share your presentation

Just remember, the forum below is where you share your group’s presentation, it’s not where you chat to your group to get it done!

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