Language functions

Topic Focus

In this topic, we look at phrases we can use to give opinions and when agreeing and disagreeing. You will listen to some useful phrases and practise pronouncing them.

20 minutes

In your personal notebook, make a list of expressions you can use in English to perform the following functions:

  • Giving opinions
  • Asking for opinions

Now compare your ideas with our suggestions:

Suggested answers
Asking for opinions:Giving opinions:

What do you think?

What’s your view?

What’s your opinion?

How do you feel about it?



In my opinion…

In my view…

I (personally) think…

I (personally) believe…

From my point of view…

From my perspective…


Listen to the pronunciation of the expressions from the suggested answers. Can you practise saying them?

Now let’s look at some language you can use for agreeing and disagreeing. Trying to use different expressions will add variety to your speaking.

Listen to each phrase and write down what you hear. There are seven phrases in total.

 Next, see if you can put the phrases in order of how strong the opinion they express is.

Now listen to the phrases again. Where is the main stress? Practise saying the phrases paying attention to the sentence stress.

Suggested answers

I suppose so.

I don’t really agree.

I agree in some ways, but

Yes, you’re right.

That’s absolute rubbish!

I completely agree.

I’m afraid I don’t agree at all.

Record yourself saying the expressions for asking for and giving opinions and agreeing and disagreeing. Listen back and compare your pronunciation with the examples you listened to in exercises 2 and 3.  Record yourself as many times as you need to until you feel confident with your pronunciation.  

Note: You will need to use some of this language in this week’s live session!