Practice: creating a complex quiz interaction

Topic Focus

To create a basic set of interactive slides using Articulate Storyline.

90-120 minutes

You’ve now had a chance to go over the basics of Articulate Storyline and get to grips with the interface. To give you a little more practice, we’d like you to create a short presentation using it. 

Step 1: Review Google Slides presentations on the passive

Can you cast your mind back to Unit 1 of the course? Seems a long way off now I agree! 

Anyhow, we’re going to revisit the Google Slides presentation you did on the passive voice and see if you can recreate it in Storyline. For your reference, you can access it from the button below:

Step 2: Create content in Articulate Storyline

The basic idea is to reproduce the presentation in Storyline. You don’t need to add any quizzes or knowledge checks at this stage, just the basic presentation with the information on the slides. However, in doing this try to practice the following things: 

Create buttons or arrows on the slides that let learners move backwards and forwards between them.

Create layers that are activated by buttons to reveal more information on the slide

Use avatars/characters to create a personal connection

Use buttons or markers to 'pop up' additional information on the slides.

Useful resources for Storyline

If you feel you’d like a bit more help with Storyline and learn some more about its various features, here are some useful resources. 

  • The official Storyline guides are an excellent starting place to help get to grips with it.  I’d particularly recommend the first section Mastering the Storyline Interface as a way to learn the basics. 
  • If you have access to  Linkedin learning (see the bottom of this page for information about that) then they have an excellent course called Learning Articulate Storyline 360 that provides video walkthroughs. I’d recommend the first three sections as a good overview of the basics.

Step 3: Share your content in the forums via Articulate Review

Once you have completed creating your presentation in Storyline, please send it to Articulate Review to generate a link that could be shared. If you are not sure how to do this, here is the video going through the steps. 

Once you have got the link, please share in the forum below for others to see and respond to the questions that are there:

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