Reflection: experiences of teaching with cloud documents

What's happening in this topic?

Time to complete: approximately 20 mins

For this topic you'll reflect on your experience of using cloud documents with your sharing a cloud document with the other course members!

What we’d like you to do is to create a new cloud document (e.g. Google Doc or Microsoft Word online) and make some notes on the following questions about your lesson:u00a0

  • What activity did you do with the students?u00a0Briefly describe.u00a0
  • Did you think that student engagement was less/the same/more than if you did it without the cloud document?
  • Were there any challenges, difficulties or confusion in either setting up or doing the activity? How would you resolve them in the future?

Now, instead of going to the forums, weu2019d like you to go below to the comments section (see the grey box right at the bottom of the page with Leave a comment aboveu00a0it?) and paste in the link to your document, making sure that the sharing settings are so that other people can comment on it in the margins.u00a0

Please come back to this page and open up the documents of your course mates. Please use the comments system to make side comments/ask questions about their lessons. Also, respond to any comments or questions onu00a0your document.

Please add your link to the comments box below:u00a0

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