Review of the course

Topic Focus

To review key concepts from the course

20 minutes

Reviewing the Storyline interface

In the last unit you began to get to grips with Articulate Storyline, and we’ll continue with that in this unit. But as a nice gentle slope into that, how about a little refresher of the Storyline interface? 

If you can not see the interactive content below or if you wish to see the content in a larger format, you can view it in a separate window by clicking this link.

Backward engineering (optional)

The content above was – as you might have guessed – created with Storyline itself. Just so you can see how content is created, you can download the Storyline file from the button below. 

It’s entirely up to you if you want to take a look at this, but it might be useful as an exercise in ‘backward engineering’ to see if you can work out how certain things were done in the content.