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What's happening in this topic?

Time to complete: approximately xx mins

This topic...complete this with a short description (1 sentence) of what's happening on the page. 

Here is a text box. It’s better to edit this from the left side panel than from here as there are more editing options. 


One weird thing to note is that you have to press return twice if you want to have a gap between paragraphs. 


Another thing to note is that between different sections it’s a good idea to put a ‘spacer’. This creates a small space between different widgets etc. There is one after this text box. Just hover over and right click over the pen in the top right to duplicate it. It’s size is set to 10. 

This is special text box that you can use if you need to put in a list of questions or a set of instructions, list of resources etc and to distinguish it from just plain text on the page.  

If you need to insert a forum discussion, go to the nine dots in the side panel (top right) click global tab and select forum topic widget. You then just need to adjust the id of the forum topic in the side panel. The id can be found on the forum topics page in the dashboard, it’s at the end of the various columns under id. 

Good question. All of this content is currently contained in a section. Basically a huge box with a variety of widgets (text, headings, spaces etc) ordered within it. It’s possible to copy the whole section by going to the top, hovering over the little blue tab that appear at the top and right clicking copy. Go to your new page and then right click in the ‘drag widget here’ box and click paste.


If you haven’t created the topic yet, you can just duplicate this whole template on the topic page.