Signing up for a one-to-one tutorial

What's happening in this topic?

Time to complete: approximately 5 mins

Here we just want you to sign up for an (optional) 15-minute meeting with one of the course tutors.u00a0u00a0

Before we kick off with the unit, just a quick request for you to sign up for a short 15-minute online chat/tutorial with one of us, the course tutors. The purpose of this is that weu2019d really like a chance to have an informal chat with you face-to-face, find out more about your teaching situation and your use of technology in the classroom and/or your online teaching situation. Donu2019t worry, itu2019s just an informal chat, though you will u00a0need to have headphones (ideally with a microphone) to communicate, and if possible, a webcam,.

From the button below, you can go to a Google document and sign up for one of the slots available. If none of the times weu2019ve earmarked are suitable, get in touch at and weu2019ll see if we can arrange something.

Later weu2019ll send you the link and the instructions for joining the virtual room. Hope you enjoy the rest of the unit.u00a0