Some background to corpus in the classroom

What's happening in this topic?

Time to complete: approximately 20 mins

In this topic you'll get a potted history of the relationship between corpus linguistics and EFL/EAP and a chance to add your own thoughts to the debate.u00a0

Weu2019re sure youu2019ve all heard of corpus linguistics, and we wouldnu2019t be surprised if you felt a little apprehensive about this unit. After all, itu2019s the one topic where you seem to need not only a good understanding of language, but often of statistics as well.

But donu2019t worry. The unit aims to teach you how to use some very basic tools that give you and learners access to corpus data and textual analyses without having to be a stats boffin or computer genius (which is lucky for us, because weu2019re neither).

To start the unit, weu2019d like you to click on the button below. It takes you to a Google Doc that has been set so that you can only comment on it (make sure you log in if you want your name to appear next to your comment).

There are seven questions inserted as comments. All you need to do is click on a comment and type your answer in the reply box (Donu2019t forget to click u2018Replyu2019 when youu2019ve finished typing). You can, of course, add your own comment on any other aspect of the text you find interesting, but try not to be too harsh on our writing style.