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Technical check: interactive activities

Topic Focus

To check that your computer or mobile phone works with our interactive activities

15 minutes

Interactive activities

On the course, there will be many interactive activities to make learning more interesting and to help check your understanding. 

It’s important to check that your computer or mobile phone can see these activities. Below are two activities to complete. After the two activities, there are some questions to complete to tell us if the activities worked on your computer or mobile phone. 

We recommend that you use the Chrome browser for these activities. 

Activity 1: move the answers

Here are some questions about the course. They come from the welcome video on the homepage. Use the computer mouse or your finger to move the correct word to the  correct space in the sentences. Click Check at the bottom to check your answers. 

Activity 2: Quiz questions

Here are four more questions about the course. Choose the correct answer and then click Check to check your answer. Use the arrow to move to the next question. 

Survey questions

If you had some technical problems with the two activities, please complete the form below. If you had NO technical problems, it is not necessary to complete it.  

Please say what technical problems you had with the activity or activities (e.g. I could not move the words with my finger)