Trainee needs

Topic Focus

To consider what we need to know about the teachers we will be working with and how we can find out about their needs.

45 minutes

Before you start a new teacher training course, it is important to find out something about the teachers you will be working with.

Task 1: Questions to ask yourself

Read the following information. Try to complete the gaps with suitable words.

Task 2: What needs?

We may also want to find out a little bit more about our candidates before the course. What should we find out more about?

Click the hotspots on the image to see some suggested answers. 

Task 3: Needs analysis questionnaire

Here is an example of a needs analysis questionnaire. What context do you think it could be used in? Would it work in your context?

Click to open the questionnaire in a new window if you can’t see it below. 

Although this is a very basic needs analysis, it could be used with experienced, practising teachers perhaps as part of an in-house training course.

Task 4: Finding out needs in your context

How do you assess your trainee teachers’ needs in your context? Share your ideas on this Padlet. Feel free to share any documentation (such as questionnaires) you use.

Open the Padlet in a new tab.

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Task 5: Reflection

Think first
Now you have found out your potential trainees’ needs, what will you do with this information?

The results from the pre-course tasks (identifying strengths/weaknesses, previous experiences, contexts, expectations, etc.) can then be used to help you plan the course (see the next topic).