Using cloud documents as a discussion tool

What's happening in this topic?

Time to complete: approximately 20 mins

This topic will introduce you to the idea of a cloud document and show how it can be used as a place for discussion. 

In this unit, even if our heads aren’t in the clouds, most of our technology use will be. There are various providers of cloud-based computing, including Apple and Microsoft, but our activities this week will be using Google’s cloud services.

If you’ve got a gmail account, or your university uses Google for its email, you won’t need to register for anything new. If you haven’t got a gmail account, we strongly recommend creating one so that you can create your own cloud-based activities later. To do this, follow the instructions in our guide. Alternatively, if you’re comfortable with the cloud services Microsoft provide, use those instead as we know many universities have those by default.

When you’re ready, click the button below to take us to a cloud-based discussion on writing in EAP…..