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Using Socrative to check understanding

What’s happening in this topic?

Time to complete: approximately 20 mins

In this topic you’ll have the chance to experience a quizzing tool that can be used to check student understanding. 

Ok, the first tool we’re going to look at in this unit is a very effective quiz tool called Socrative. We thought it might be fun to test your knowledge about the course participants based on what they told us on Padlet. 

Accessing Socrative

What we’d like you to do first is look at the Padlet board with all the introductory information on for about 2 minutes. Try to remember as much as you can. 

When you’ve done, read the instructions below in the picture gallery by using the arrows at the sides of the pictures to move through the five steps. 

When you have done that, click this link to follow the steps in the instructions and start the quiz. 

1. Click login at the top of the screen2. Click student Login3. Enter LTINEAP in the box and click JOIN ROOM4. Type your name (NOT David Read!) and click Done. You can now try the quiz. 5. When you see this screen it means the quiz is finished and you can now close the page and return to this site.