Your context

Topic Focus

To find out more about the context of other course participants.

20 minutes

Now you have the chance to share some information about your context and find out a little about the other people taking the course. We have set up a Padlet to help us introduce ourselves to each other.

Task 1: Introduce yourself

Create a post sharing a picture (if you feel comfortable with this) and some information about yourself. 

  • Name

  • What context do you work in/are you planning to work in?

  • What do you think the challenges of working in such a context might be?

  • What opportunities could this context bring?

NB: If you haven’t used Padlet before, you here are guides to creating posts (video, text).

Made with Padlet

Task 2: Respond to others

Come back here a couple of times before the course starts to comment on other profiles and respond to any comments on yours.