Wrapping up

Well, that went quickly, didn’t it? Friday 8th December is officially the last day of the course and we make available the final unit, unit 8. Now, this isn’t really a full unit as such, rather it just wraps up the course, asks for feedback, gives you chance to complete the final reflective assignment and register for your course certificate. It also explains how to stay in touch with us and learning technology once the course is over. The whole thing can be done in less than an hour, so don’t worry if you haven’t got here yet and you’re thinking ‘How am I going to get the chance to finish another unit as well as cope with everything else that’s going on?’.

The final reflective assignment must be completed before 15th January to receive the course certificate.

However, if the assignment date is too soon for you given the current circumstances, please message us and we’ll do our best to try and arrange an extension.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed this course and we hope you have too. Engaging with you in the forums and the online tutorials/webinars has been great and we sincerely hope that some of the basic principles we’ve explored have been useful for both you and your centres in these days of unprecedented pedagogical upheaval. We hope you manage to have a restful break and we look forward to reading through your final reflections on the course.